Anger Management

Anger is a very human emotion. But sometimes anger can result in words and actions that hurt other people. 

Others may feel that you disrespect them. They may become afraid of you and pull away from you. Anger expressed aggressively can impact on your relationships at work, in your family or in your broader community. 

Learning to manage your anger can help improve your relationships. In psychotherapy Maggie can help you learn to identify and manage anger triggers. She will encourage you to take responsibility for your actions and to support yourself emotionally when you are feeling disrespected or feeling that your needs are being disregarded. She will help you to identify and shift unhelpful thought processes that might be involved in driving the angry feelings, and invite you to explore the roots of your angry emotions in order to manage them more effectively. 

Through psychotherapy you can learn to express yourself in more respectful ways, to manage conflict differently by overcoming the urge to judge, criticize, blame or overpower others and instead learn to express your concerns and needs in more constructive, positive, assertive and respectful ways. 

Maggie can help you work towards your goals for better relationships.