Relationship Counselling

With couple counselling you can work on your problems together, to find your way back to each other, rebuilding a sense of connectedness, friendship, intimacy, shared meaning and commitment.

Maggie is passionate about helping couples reconnect. 

When she sees you as a couple she will work with you to assess your relationship dynamics, to identify strengths in the relationship and to identify areas to work on. 

Maggie will discuss your goals and work to identify issues that generate a sense of conflict or disconnection.

Maggie aims to help you understand your conflict style and to find less stressed and overwhelming ways to manage conflict, and to be more confident to open up to your partner about matters of concern.

Maggie understands couples stressors...

Maggie understands that every couple has its own unique set of characteristics. And, she understands the stressors that a couple may face over a lifetime, like managing mental health or physical health issues, or having to work away or manage tough work demands or financial issues. 

Some couples are faced with managing difficult in-law relationships, or trying to juggle care-giving responsibilities for children, grandchildren or aging parents.  

For some couples it may be about managing intimacy issues, or coping with bereavement or the trauma of infidelity. Or, it may be about a partner feeling undervalued or ignored, or about anger management.

In her practice of couple therapy, Maggie draws from methodologies that are based on scientific research, where the premises have been extensively studied and where there is sound evidence of meeting therapeutic outcomes. To this end, Maggie’s couple's practice is based on 2 approaches:

The Gottman Method Couple Therapy

The Gottman Method Couple Therapy offers a rigorous approach to relationship assessment and aims to strengthen your relationship by promoting connection through empathy, understanding, and less stressful ways of communicating.

You and your partner may need to heal past hurts to strengthen your sense of trust, friendship and intimacy.

Or you both may need to figure out ways to manage areas of repeated conflict, or to learn to feel safe opening up to each other, where you can turn to each other and feel validated, understood and cared for, where you feel a sense of shared meaning and purpose, and a deeper sense of connection and commitment.

Emotion-Focused Couple Therapy

Emotion-Focused Couple Therapy helps you both understand how the experience of strong emotions creates patterns and cycles of interactions in your intimate relationship. The relationship can become stuck in a repeated cycle of stress and conflict, or shutdown and withdrawal. You can lose trust in your partner, experiencing your partner as unresponsive or uncaring or as “too emotional” or “too demanding”. You can end up feeling hurt, anxious, frustrated, stressed, overwhelmed, angry or alone. Emotion-Focused Therapy helps to create positive change in your relationship by learning to make sense of your own and your partner’s emotional needs and behavioural responses, and to change your interactional styles to develop a closer bond and a more rewarding relationship.

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