Grief and Loss

Losing someone you love is very, very hard. The emotional experience is profoundly felt and sometimes it feels that nothing can take away the pain. Sometimes your feelings may seem complicated and hard to understand and accept – painful feelings like sorrow, longing, guilt and even anger. You can find yourself feeling very alone even though the world is full of people, and even when close friends and family are trying to help. And in amongst it all you still need to attend to responsibilities at work, in your family or in day-to-day living.

It’s not just about losing someone through death. Profound feelings can come with loss of an important relationship through separation or migration. Or you might lose a job or professional role through injury, redundancy or retirement. Or you may lose your health or physical capacity.

Maggie can support you as you work through your grief and loss. She can help you understand and manage your emotional experience, providing a compassionate space where you can work through your loss, your feelings, and your concerns, the impacts on your sense of who you are and what your future holds. She can offer guidance and support in finding ways to cope.