Overcoming Depression

Depression can be experienced in a mild way or can be very severe and at times long lasting. You may experience feelings of sadness, emptiness or irritability. There may be feelings of hopelessness, worthlessness, excessive guilt or difficulty experiencing pleasure. Others may notice that you are more tearful. You may experience physical changes like significant weight loss or weight gain, fatigue or loss of energy, excessive over-sleeping or insomnia.

You may experience diminished capacity to think, concentrate or make decisions. Sometimes depression can be accompanied by feelings of anxiety, worry, tension and restlessness. And sometimes life can feel too hard. There are so many ways in which depression may be experienced and only a few are mentioned here.

Psychotherapy can help you find a way through depression. You can learn to identify and shift unhelpful thought patterns, to find more helpful ways to view yourself, others or life problems. You can learn to be kinder towards yourself, and you can find ways to manage painful emotions and to direct your actions towards more pleasurable, meaningful and beneficial ends.

It is important to know that you are not alone, that Maggie will provide support as you work through your difficulties in your search for more meaning, purpose and satisfaction in life.