Low Self-esteem

Low self-esteem can make it hard to cope with life’s frustrations and disappointments. With low self-esteem you can feel excessive fear, anger, sadness, guilt, shame or inferiority.

You may experience a deep-seated feeling of being unlovable, unworthy and be preoccupied by how others respond to you. With low self-esteem you can be intensely self-critical or feel a need to prove yourself. You may have difficulty dealing with feelings of vulnerability or emptiness or be highly sensitive to criticism. 

Maintaining healthy relationships can be difficult whether with intimate partners, close friends or family. At work you may struggle to feel sufficiently respected, valued or admired. 

With psychotherapy you can learn to see yourself in a more realistic and positive way. 

Maggie understands the importance of identifying and transforming negative beliefs about yourself and others in order to strengthen self-esteem. Maggie will work with you to find ways to value yourself and to quieten that internal voice that can be self-critical or demanding. 

Maggie's aim is to help you learn to accept yourself, to acknowledge your strengths, and to take care of yourself when you are feeling vulnerable.