Stress Management

A certain amount of stress can help energise you to meet life demands. But too much stress can reduce your capacity to perform effectively at work or in day-to-day living, and may impact on relationships, and your physical health. After extended periods of high stress you can find it increasingly hard to wind down and you may end up feeling exhausted or “burnt out”.

Stress can cause difficulty sleeping and you may turn to alcohol, drugs, overeating or other unhealthy ways of coping. Stress can develop after challenging life events like bereavement, relationship break-up, job loss, trauma or injury or may result from a build-up of pressure and demands in your work or family life. 

With psychotherapy Maggie can help you to identify and shift unhelpful thought patterns contributing to your stress. She can support you in understanding and managing painful emotions and help you learn to engage a calming response in order to build coping and resilience. She can provide support and information to restore healthy sleep and to engage in healthy coping behaviours.